Thursday, 8 May 2014

SAP HR Interview Questions

SAP HR (OM & PA) Interview Questions:
1)      In Which table we can see the organizational units?
2)      In Which table we can see the jobs?
3)      In Which table we can see the positions?
4)      What is the key for job, Position & Person?
5)      What are the building blocks in Organizational Management?
6)      What is the code to maintain the No ranges for objects (Org Units, Jobs & Position) in OM?
7)      What is the Feature to integrate OM with PA?
8)      What are the methods to create the org structure?
9)      What is a personnel area & Sub Area?
10)   Difference between Simple maintenance and Expert Mode?
11)   Can we assign multiple personnel area to one company code?
12)    Can we assign multiple Company codes to one Personnel Area?
13)   What is an Enterprise structure? In which info type we can see the enterprise structure?
14)   What is an info type?
15)   In which table we can modify the screen of a particular Info type?
16)   What is the feature to maintain the no ranges default?
17)   In which table we can see the integration switches of OM & PA?
18)   What is the feature for Default payroll Area?
19)   What is the info type for internal medical service?
20)   What is the info type for vacant position?
21)   What is the info type for other previous employers?
22)   What is the info type for family Dependant?
23)   What is the info type for objects on loan?
24)   What is the technical name of Personnel Area, Sub Area, Employee Group, Employee Sub Group, Company Code?
25)   How we can copy the Plan version?
26)   How to attach the documents to a Parmer ?
27)   What is the difference between Info type & Subtype?
28)   What is a Time constraint Class?
29)   What is an info group?
30)   What is an info type Menu?
31)   What is are RHINTE00, 10, 20 & 30?
32)    How we can integrate the plan version?
33)   What is dynamic Action? In which table we can see this?
34)   How we can change the Entry date of an employee?
35)   What are MSN20, MSN21 & MSN 32?
36)   What is the operation indicator for delimit in Info group?
37)   What is the T code to create Custom Info type? What is the no range for that?
38)   What is the function character 04 in Dynamic Action?
39)   What is the indicator for Step – M in dynamic Action?
40)    What is the difference between LSMW & BDC?



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