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SAP HR Interview Questions

Interview Question on OM, PA, TIME, PAYROLL, TRAVEL.


1)                  What is Organizational Management?
2)                  Purpose of Organizational Management?
3)                  What is an organizational Plan?
4)                  What are the way to create an Organizational Structure?
5)                  What are the T-code for creating Organizational Structure in Organization and Staffing, Simple mode, Expert mode?
6)                  What is the role of Matrix Structure?
7)                  What is dotted line structure?
8)                  Can we assign two chief postion in an organization unit?
9)                  What is relationship?
10)              What are the type of relationship used in organizational management?
11)               How do we change the position form one Organization unit to another?
12)               Creation of Organizational Structure through LSMW?
13)               Difference between Background job and foreground job?
14)               What is the T-code to create custom OM Infotype?
15)               What are the important infotypes in OM?


16)               What is the Purpose of Personnel administration?
17)               What is the difference between Personnel Structure and Enterprise Structure?
18)               What is IGMOD feature?
19)               Where we should create Infotype Menu?
20)               In which T-code can we see Infotype Menu?
21)               What is the Maximum Infotype Menu can be displayed at time?
22)               What is a dynamic Action?
23)               Inwhich Table Does we maintain Dynamic Action?
24)               Creation of Dynamic Action for custom Infotype?
25)               Example of Dynamic Action for standard Infotype?
26)               Creation of custom Infotype in PA?
27)               What are the important features in Personnel Administration?
28)               How to integrate OM with PA?
29)               What are the type of Personnel Action?
30)               Can we assign two action in one day?
31)               What are the type of operation in infogroup?
32)               Can we assign the personnel area with two digit code?


33)               What is Time management?
34)               What are the schema used in Time management?
35)               What is the integration factor between Time and Payroll?
36)               What is the difference between positive and negative time management?
37)               What is Time evaluation?
38)               What is Time pair and where is it stored?
39)               Waht is Period Work Schedule?
40)               What are thing required to create Period Work Schedule?
41)               What are the types of Break?
42)               What is a Holiday Calendar?
43)               What are the types of Holiday?
44)               What is Time Management Status?
45)               What are the points in Time Management Status?
46)               What is the feature for Time Management Status?
47)               What is The feature for Work Schedule Rule?
48)               What are the Time Related Infotype?
49)              What is a counting Rule?
50)               What is a deduction rule?
51)               How can we carry forward the remaining quotas?
52)               How do deduct the quota in squential order?
53)               What is QUOMO feature?


54)               What is Payroll?
55)               What are payroll related Infotypes?
56)               What is a control Record?
57)               What is the importance of control record?
58)               What are the steps in control record?
59)               What are the types of wage type?
60)               How do you identify secondary wage type?
61)               What are the different wage type group?
62)               Why we have different wage type group?
63)               How to assign a wage type to a particular wage type group?
64)               What is the contribution rate for PF?
65)               What is the feature to maintain PF?
66)               What is the Infotype for PF and what are fields in PF infotype?
67)               What is the stanadard PF report?
68)               What are different forms in PF?
69)               Expain 0580 Series infotype?
70)               Overview regarding P Tax and LWF?
71)                What is the contribution rate for ESI?
72)               When did PF was incorporated?
73)               What is the standard ESI report?
74)               What is Tarrif Feature?
75)               What is the Payscale Area, Pay Scale Type, Pay Scale Group?
76)               What is Period Parameter?
77)               What is Payroll area?
78)               What is Date modifier?


79)               What is Reimbursement Group?
80)               What is the T-code to map Symbolic account to G/L account?
81)               Why do we maintain Infotype 0017 for an employee?
82)               How expense type is linked to finance?
83)               Who is a Vendor?
84)               What is expense type?
85)               Travel Planning T-code?
86)               Why do we need to configure reimbursement group?
87)               Why do we configure Vechile type and Vechile Class?
88)               Why do we need to configure advance posting or advance?
89)               T- code for weekly report?
90)              What are the standard expense type for per diem meals and accommodations?
91)               Apart from TRIP tell the other T-code to create Travel request?
92)               What are the standard scheme in travel management?
93)               What is the Table name for Per diems Meals?
94)               Explain the process from expense type to G/L account?
95)               What is Trip Provision Variant?
96)               Is it mandatory to assign Trip Provision Variant to Personnel area?
97)               What is the standard form name for travel request?


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