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SuccessFactors Q1 – 2018 Employee Central – Time & Attendance Management Features

SuccessFactors Q1 – 2018 Employee Central – Time & Attendance Management Features 
HI To All,
Please find the below Q1 - 2018 Features for the Time & Attendance Management which are released by SAP . All the below features are Admin -Opt in can be enabled in the Admin centre with the required RBP 
This article will help you on how to use the new features on the Time Off /Time sheet module in SuccessFactors .

Reference Number
Configuration Type
Feature Group
From release Q1 2018, the background jobs scheduled in EC Time Management have been integrated with the Execution Manager dashboard, which is available in the Admin Center. In the Scheduled Jobs tab of the dashboard administrators can now monitor the status of the time management job runs. In addition, they can manage under which conditions and to which recipients email notifications should be sent with the results of the job runs.
Admin Opt-in
Time and Attendance Management
From release Q1 2018, the Time Management Configuration Search has been enhanced. The search options now include Time Sheet related configuration entities (Time Type Groups, Time Valuations, and Time Recording Profiles) as well. In addition, the search results can now be exported as .csv files.
Admin Opt-in
Time and Attendance Management
From release Q1 2018, a new Time Account Payout object is now available. It links the corresponding Time Account Details record for the deduction and the Spot Bonus record for the payout of a time account balance. Thus, an administrator will not just be able to create a payout, but to edit and cancel it as well. Time account payouts that have been administered outside of the system can now also be easily uploaded as Time Account Payout records.
Note that you can only use the new object in the People Profile (PP3), not in the v12 UI.
Admin Opt-in
Time and Attendance Management
As of the Q1 2018 release, automatic account creation and accrual is available for time accounts based on time account types where the Employee Flexible Date has been selected as the reference date. In earlier releases, administrators had to create the corresponding Time Off calendars manually, and schedule them to run on a regular basis. Now, the system creates such calendars automatically and runs them as part of the daily background job.
Admin Opt-in
Time and Attendance Management
 I am giving more details on the above with the screenshots and the pre - requisites .
ECT-88662 :   Scheduled Jobs : With this enhancement , Customer / Module Admin can view the scheduled jobs in the Admin Centre . 
Pre - Requisites : Next GenAdmin Centre need to be switched on .
We can see the standard tile called " Scheduled Jobs" in the Admin Centre . 
If you click on " See more " You can find the below options as per the below screenshot to monitor the Job 
We have an option to update the email notification to be sent to the target user ( Ex :- To the Administrator) upon completion of the job

ECT-88665 - Time Management Configuration Search 
With this enhancement , We can easily find the configuration and the people tagged to the different Time off objects .
Pre - requisites : RBP need to be granted to the Time off Admin as per the below screenshot 

Upon RBP permission Admin can check the configuration and find out the employee who are tagged 

ECT-82830 - With this enhancement Time Account Payout object is available and admin also can do edit and cancel the the payouts and we have also have an upload option as Time Account Payout records .
Pre - Requisite : This option will work on PP3 only not in the v12 UI

ECT-88663 :- Automatic Account creation / Accrural creation is available based on the Time Account Types . 
With this Enhancement we can have an option to generate the Time accounts for the following year We need to change the configuration in the time account type for the fields like . ( Account Creation Automation , Account Creation Start Date , Account creation offcet months )  

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