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Tickets in SAP HR

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While we are doing configuration or master data updation  we may come across the errors for that i collected the information with my previous exp . Please go through the solutions for the errors . 
SAP HR Common Error Messages
Error Message
Reason for Error and Solution thereof
No data stored for xxxxxx in the selected period
The date or radio button in the "Period" box is before the employee's hire date. Change the period by inserting specific start and end dates.
You have locked key PREL ######## [Pers No.]
The employee is currently being maintained in another session. Close one of the sessions and continue to maintain the employee.
Key PREL ######## locked by user ########
The employee is being maintained by another user. Use transaction code PA20 if you only wish to display information. Contact the other user - who may have finished updating this employee.
Payroll area M1 is locked for on-line maintenance
You have attempted to change payroll data whilst the payroll is locked for processing. Exit the current screen and wait until payroll processing is complete or change the control record (transaction code PA03) if you are not in your Production client and you have the required security access to do so.
Data entry for correction period; payroll area M1
The change is being made whilst the payroll control record is in a correction. This will ensure that this employee will be processed as part of the next matchcode W payroll run.
Enter data for payroll past (retrospective accounting)
The master data changes made affects previously generated results. The employees infotype 3 (field: "Earliest MD Change") will be updated to allow the payroll to carry out retroactive calculations.
To period of record will be delimited to
The existing infotype record will have the "To" date delimited to the day before the new record you have entered.
This record will cause another record to be deleted
The infotype record you are creating or changing will replace the previous infotype record.
No Entry in Table xxxxx
Entries need to be added to this table. Use transaction code SM31 to add the entries. If you would like to know where in the IMG these entries are entered - use the customising option on SM31.
Wage Type not allowed for ESG/PSG ...
This relates to wage type permissibility. Check the settings on table T511_B for the wage type's entries for ESG or PSG. Check to see whether this employee should, in fact, be allowed this wage type. If they are, then amend the configuration.
Planned Working Time
ATTENTION: Please check Basic Pay data
The field "Monthly Working Hours" in IT 0007 must have the same value as "Work hours/period" in IT 0008. This value is fed into the field on IT 0008 from IT 0007 when the initial hire action is carried out. Use a dynamic action (table T588Z) to update this field on IT 0007 whenever IT 0008 is modified.
Monthly WS deleted or does not exist for
The work schedule allocated to this employee has not been generated.
Basic Pay
No Entry in table T529Q for period modifier 03 for time xx.xx.xxxx
Check table T510w to ensure that all the ESG for CAP point to the correct period modifiers rather than a default one.
Employee not selected during payroll run
Check that you have chosen the correct payroll area on the selection screen. Check that the employee is active in the chosen payroll period.
Recurring Payments and Deductions
Amount is impermissible entry
This wage type does not allow direct entry of an amount. The wage type characteristics (table T511) have been set up to allow the entry of a number of units instead.
Always enter both number and unit.
This is one of those odd messages. The wage type wants just an amount and you have entered either:
  • a number and no amount, or;
  • a number and an amount,
  • a unit and an amount
Enter an amount with no number or unit.
Do not enter units for wage type xxxx
Clear these fields and enter an amount instead.
Please enter an amount
Both number and amount are blank. Enter a value as appropriate.
Bank Details
Retroactive entries allowed only up to the xx yyyy
Banking details cannot be created or changed for pay periods that have already had the EFT transfer run. Change the "From" date to the start of the next pay period.
Personnel Event - Hire or Org/Pay Change
Number range nn is internal; please do not enter a personnel number
Personnel numbers are assigned automatically from an internal range. Delete the entry in the Personnel Number field - the system will provide the number.
No entry in table T530 for xx
You need to enter a valid "Reason for Action"
Person and Position have different Personnel Areas
This happens when hiring several employees in the same session. The system defaults to the Personnel Area of the person you hired last hired in the session - What to do.
  • Delete the default entries for the Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup
  • Click "Enter" - This will default in the correct Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup as per the Position
  • If correct select Save
A008 relationships of S 500xxxx exceed working hours by nnn.nn%
This position may have more than one incumbent. It is appropriate to have more than one person in a position in the following circumstances; For a handover period two employees occupy the position. The position is designed to have multiple occupants - eg. Contractors may be set up in one position.
Absence & Attendance Entry
First day is a day of
Warns that the first day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.
Last day is a day off
Warns that the last day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.
All days in the period are days off
Alerts you that every day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.
No validity interval for key 1 08 05
This occurs when you try and enter an absence quota for an employee whose absence quota does not exist in the validity period as a default value. The table is T559V.
This will cause leave entitlement to become negative
  • Check leave balance in Leave View if required
  • Confirm with supervisor that negative leave is approved
  • Enter the absence ensuring that you select the appropriate absence subtype for negative leave
Please enter indicator OR absence/attendance type
When using the push button Abs./attendances in Calendar View for bringing up the data entry box for Absence/Attendance, an entry in one or other of the columns marked 'AC' and 'STy.' is required - not both.
No data stored for leave entitlement for the selected period
No data is currently held on infotype 0005. Create the record.
No entry in table T551C for key 0GR071998081 10000000000
Check to make sure you have assigned the period work schedule valuation classes and counting classes. The two IMG Paths are as follows:
Time Management Time Recording Absences Absence Catalog Absence Counting Define counting classes for period work schedule
Time Evaluation Time Evaluation with Data from Sub System/Time Evaluation Without Clock Times Time Wage Type Selection and Overtime Compensation Define valuation classes for period work schedules
"No entry in table T551C for key 10GR071998081
The error message number is P2501. When I try to get the help for the message, I find the help contains nothing more except the message ID. Table T551C entries required on the 11/08/2998 for absence type GR07
Payroll Reports
Please do not enter a period
You have entered a payroll period but the radio button says "Current Period". Either delete period entry to use the current Period or change radio button to "Other Period"
Error when retrieving results: CLUSTER DIRECTORY NOT FOUND
Your selection criteria have not yielded any employees. Check the criteria, in particular that the payroll period exists.
Changes to Repository or cross-client Customising are not permitted
You have attempted to change an object in a client which has not been set to allow client-independent changes. Check the settings on table T000 and get the System Administration team to change the setting on the table. If allowed you can do it yourself using transaction code SCC4
Number range HRTEM_REFN does not exist
You usually get this error whilst trying to post costs from Training and Events to Controlling. The solution is to create an external number range - but don't tick the "External" tickbox
Change too far in payroll past
Appears if you want to change an infotype relevant to retroactive accounting and the start date for this infotype lies before the earliest retroactive accounting limit
Employee not selected during payroll run
Check that you have chosen the correct payroll area on the selection screen. Check that the employee is active in the payroll period that you have chosen.
No entry in table T529Q for period modifier 03 for time 01.04.2001-06-20
This error message is misleading as this table does not exist. It actually points to table T549Q which in turn points to table T510W. This table holds the link between the payscale type and area and the period parameter. The permissible entries may point to a weekly period parameter - which is fine for weekly employees. Get the monthly combinations to point to a monthly period parameter eg 51 - GB Monthly.
Deletion forbidden Results has been posted with posting run <nnnnnnnn>
An error occurs when attempting to delete employee's records whose payroll results have been posted to finance.
  • Using transaction PU03, ensure the Accounted To, Earliest MD change and Recal.follow-up prog dates have been removed.
  • Using transaction PU00, select all infotypes and delete the employee.
T100S & T100C - hold the information relating to the SAP standard error messages. You can change the error messages from an E to a W. When creating or changing a message in T100C make sure that you do not fill in a user name - leave the field blank - otherwise it will only be specific to that particular user.
General Payroll Error Messages
NCALE “P” eriod mark missing on
Run Transaction PC00_M08_CONV
As part of GBSXP phase II in the UK, program Z_FILL_NCALE has been replaced with standard program RPLABSG0_SXP_OXP_CONV (transaction code is PC00_M08_CONV).
This needs to be run as part of the absence Data Take on process to fill tables AVERAGE and NCALE.
Payroll calendar T549Q invalid (permo/yr/per)
Error message in GCRTO of Gross to Net stating Multiple Employment: Court Order amounts from OTHER contracts. Other contracts do not and have never had court order payments. Error due to multiple employments being linked but not overlapping in a time period, therefore, they are not true multiple contracts, rather separate periods of employment (i.e. one contract finished before the next one starts). IT0121 and IT031 have been deleted from the employments and employees rerun through payroll.
In addition, where a court order is maintained, this is copied across all contracts, even if those contracts have been terminated. Had to set the run up to date as the end date of the previous period and run GLK0. Then clear run up to date and run through the primary contract.
Multiple employee has a terminated employment that needs to be run through payroll. Enter the last day of the period being run in the ‘run payroll up to’ field in IT0003.
Also check ME consistency report. For the UK, all contracts need IT0065 and IT0069 to process through payroll.
The official fix for this error is contained in HRSP 40/41 for version 4.7.
Company code xxxx is not assigned to an FM area
This error is due to a configuration setting in Financial Accounting.
Table T549s should not be changed after payroll run (payroll area)
If the multiple employment solution is used, changes to the table with pay dates (T549S) are no longer allowed after the payroll for the period has been run. Make sure that table T549S is changed back to the initial configuration (which is reflected in the payroll results).
This can occur when you have multiple employments across different payroll areas which SAP does not support. It can also occur when the employee has results from one payroll area and then changed payroll area over the same period – results across different payrolls for the same period are not permitted.
Wage type /010 must be in table IT to perform offsetting on 02.08.2004
Failure in processing of GBSXP. SAP cannot derive a daily rate for this employee to calculate SSP/OSP entitlement. Check IT0008 record. Likelihood there is no basic pay to derive a daily rate from or zero hours in IT0008.
Payroll Period for Contract nnnnnnnn Is Not Defined (01.08.2006 - 31.08.2006)
Highlighted employee is in a payroll area not set for paying. This can occur in a multiple employment scenario where one contract is in a paying payroll area and the other is in a non paying payroll area. SAP best practice says all linked contracts should be in the same payroll area.
Retroactive accounting date set by system, 26.07.2006, is before pers. EARLIEST RETRO. 01.08.2006 or
Employee has changed payroll areas before the end of a current period. For example, employee has moved from weekly paid to monthly paid and has moved out of the weekly paid payroll area before the end of a weekly period. Check Payroll area in IT0001 – may need to delete results and rerun.
Retroactive accounting date set by system, 01.04.2004, is before pers. EARLIEST RETRO. 01.04.2005
This employees earliest MD change is before go-live the person will be overpaid by up to a full year Unless payroll results are deleted.
Error when processing a particular wage type
wxyy name of wage type
Termination in operation ERROR
G0103***** ERROR
Basic entry in IT :

A Wage type APC1C2C3ABKoReBTAwvTvn One amount/one number Amo

3 wxyz name of WT wxyz 15.

Current entry in OT:
Error in processing through PCR G010 (or customer copy of this). Happens where no value is maintained in processing class 01 against the wage type which is failing.
RGDIR import failed
Multiple employments linked across different payroll areas.
This period's taxable pay takes total year to date into a negative situation (Perhaps due to backdated changes in a previous tax year
Employee has deductions of some kind but no earnings or earnings that are less than deductions. Could be IT0014/IT0015 deductions or a cash AVC/loan.
Termination in operation ERROR

G030****** ERROR # = = = = = =
Basic entry in IT :

A Wage type APC1C2C3ABKoReBTAwvTvn One amount/one number Amount

* /134 pa 99.00-

Processing class missing on wage type /134.
Error during indirect calculation: Infotype 0014 subtype nnnn
Error message: “IndVal of wage type nnnn: No entry in table T510 for key '08CLC137005' on 01.04.2006”
Wage type nnnn is indirectly valuated but the value in infotype 0014 for this wage type is reading zero, or
The person concerned should not be receiving the allowance.
Error during indirect calculation: Infotype 0008 subtype 0
IndVal of wage type 1005: No entry in table T510 for key '08CMC11ADLRNTUT05' on 01.04.2005
Wage type 1005 in IT0008 has a value of zero.
Payroll period for contract XXXXXXXX is not defined
Employee is in a payroll area not defined for payroll processing.
/121 Taxable pay goes into a negative situation for an employee on the line:
PIT GGDN NOAB Interpret NI retro changes
Error in processing of GB Gross to Net in PCR GGDN – Interpret NI retro changes. Employee is a late leaver so it is trying to bring forward a negative taxable pay from a previous period. These situations are dealt with through schema GRET.
If the employee is a multiple employment you will get a further error message. You can not run GRET (9RET) for multiple employments where one contract is still active. You need to create a wage type for a positive amount for the same value as the negative amount in the rejection and run the employee through the normal schema (9000). You then need to deduct this same amount from (one of) the remaining active employment(s). This will ensure the employee balances.
'Not the most recent period paid to this person'
This error occurs when payroll results for a later period exist for an employee. The solution is to remove the date in the “accounted to field” on IT0003 and run the schema GRET (or your customer equivalent).
Negative Payments ('NP' T7PBSDEC_WTGRP) don't include wage type XXXX
Failure in function XDEC due to missing wage type in wage type group NP. Wage type needs adding in to wage type group NP through transaction pu96.
Once having entered the transaction code go and find the relevant wage type and select it. You will notice that the line is now highlighted – as are all the other wage types which are relevant for the group NP. Save and transport through to PRD.
Payroll Go-Live date 01.04.2005 must equal period start date 28.03.2005 (Feature GBPLG)
Feature GBPGL is not set up properly for go live period. Feature GBPLG needs maintaining for each payroll area you are going live with. Date in feature should be the start date of the first period of go live.
DTO wage type TOFM not stored in IT0015 for first live payroll (27.03.2005 - 02.04.2005)
Employee has a maternity absence which spans the go live period. Both wage types TOFM and TOOM need entering with a date of the first date of the first period being run.
Same message for Adoption and Paternity absences but different wage types. Only required for go live.
ME SMP: Inconsistent SxP record between xx.xx.xxxx and xx.xx.xxxx (infotype 0088)
IT0088 should be copied across all contracts for multiple employment for consistency using a dynamic action which is part of the ME solution.
ME SMP: Inconsistent absence between xx.xx.xxxx and xx.xx.xxxx
ME SMP: Inconsistent SxP record between xx.xx.xxxx and xx.xx.xxxx (infotype 0088)
An IT2001 SMP’able absence has been extended without IT0088 being extended. Extended the IT0088 record in line with the 2001 entry and re-run through payroll.
SMP Error; Employee has no valid MATB1 form between 29.08.2006 and 28.08.2007 (IT0088)
Problem with IT0088. Check MATB1 date is correct.
Termination in operation ERROR
Rejection in G010 (or customer copy) when processing AWE override wage types AWEM, AWEA, AWEP, AWES through IT0014. This is because IT0014 is processed earlier in the schema than IT0015.
These wage types are required in IT0014 for DTO purposes.
Ensure processing class 01 = 0 and processing class 03 = 0 for these wage types.
(see SAP note 825164)
Wage type incorrectly reduced.
A deduction wage type was not completely reduced by the amount in
table DDNTK Wage type xxxx. Please check whether the wage type is still in table IT at the time of the PRDNT function (processing class 20).
Should be fixed by SAP note 794021. If the application of this note does not fix the error, it is possible that the wage type in error is missing a value in processing class 41. This value should be set to ‘3’.
Also check the priorities of deductions table V_T51P6.
Late Leaver processing not possible. Employment xxxxxxxx is still active on
Multiple Employment employee has a contract which is a late leaver. SAP does not support running schema GRET for a late leaver contract for multiple employment. If you process GRET you get the above error. SAP recommend that in this scenario, you maintain a value in a customer wage type which equates to a positive amount for the failure on the negative taxable amount (i.e. failure on negative taxable pay of –115.15; create a wage type for the amount of +115.05) on the late leaver contract and process through contract G000 (or copy of G000). Use the same wage type to deduct this amount from the active contract(s) and run through G000 (or copy of G000).
Enter rate / GBP rate type M for 01.04.2005 in the system settings
Wage type in IT0014 or IT0015 has been entered without a currency. Check config of wage type.
Late-leaver period; no payment made in error correction permitted
IT0793 has been entered for an employee who is a late leaver. Cannot use IT0793 to adjust NI refund for a late leaver – not supported as part of the NIPE functionality.
Wage type /011 must be in table IT to perform offsetting on 13.11.2005
This is caused either by a claims based person who has had IT0088 and 2001 copied from another employment and has had no claims or the person has a 2001 sickness copied from another employment and has no IT0008 – delete IT0088 and the corresponding 2001 records from the claims based record or create the missing IT0008.
Employee has no Date Specification in Infotype 0041 for Date Type 01
Add the correct date for the date type specified in the above message.
Division by zero not performed Calculation rule xyz
Check that the wage type has been input correctly, in the above case an amount has been used instead of a number and unit.
STOP: No rule in key 9060*0NIL< * * * *
Check absences on IT2001 - Absences that may only be unpaid for a full day have been entered as a half day.
Only certain absence types are allowed to be @ half pay.
Payroll Error Messages - NCALE
When running the NCALE fix with transaction PC00_M08_CONV you get a blank screen (i.e. no data in the list) you will need to check the errors by clicking on the “yellow lightning bolt” icon.
DTO check error: infotype 0014 contains no entry for AWEM (06.11.2005 - 17.12.2005)
Create the necessary AWEx entry mentioned in the error on infotype 0014 and delete/lock the AWEx entry on infotype 0015.
Also check and extend IT0088 if necessary.
SSP Error; Table PERIOD HISTORY contains no entries for absence 13.11.2005 - 24.12.2005
Re-process the employee through payroll after checking that the Master Data Change Date (IT0003-RRDAT) has been updated to re-process this date. (13.11.2005)
Costs table is empty for period 200601, run in period 200605
Costs table in XDEC has not been filled for a previous period.
Run transaction SA38 in the program command and enter the program as RPUDECG0PBS_FILL_COSTS for a single employment and
multiple employments
Enter in periods to be updated and employment numbers as well as appropriate dates to start dates for conversion.
Inconsistency exists between table RT and COSTS for wage type nnnn
Failure in function XDEC on a pension wage type. Pension record in IT0071 changed relating to a period for which costs have already been apportioned in table COSTS. Ie employee has results in a period, which has then been exited. Backdated pension changes causing a retro calculation, which cannot reconcile table RT with table COSTS.
There is a cost distrib.of 50.00% without company code from 01.09.2004 to 30.09.2004
Employee is assigned to 2 positions simultaneously, one of which does not have a cost centre and/or company code associated with it, therefore, costs can not be distributed across all cost centres.
Infotype 0007 does not exist or is incomplete for 01.08.2006
Where an employee with linked multiple employments exists but one or more of those other linked employments does not have a defined work schedule. Go and create the infotype 0007 (planned working time) for the relevant employment.
GBSXP X Process Statutory Absences (Factored Up)

4 Input
Processing U

/ 000
Average Weekly Earnings calculation for personnel number nnnnnnnn
U Message (000) (language EN) not found
Data issue due to linked employments across different payroll areas with different period modifiers. This situation is not allowed in SAP as it will cause inconsistent payroll results.
Jump from DAYPR to detailed log. Incorrect generation of wage types
Error where no entry in counting class for Daily Work schedule in T551C. To see the error, check time processing log in RPCALCG0 and double click ‘Jump to DAYPR to detailed log’. This will take you to the error stored in Time Evaluation.
Wage type /010 must be in table IT to perform offsetting on 06.04.2005
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 24.04.2005 - 30.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday

SSP QDP; No qualifying days 24.04.2005 - 30.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 24.04.2005 - 30.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 24.04.2005 - 30.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 24.04.2005 - 30.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 24.04.2005 - 30.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 24.04.2005 - 30.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 17.04.2005 - 23.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 17.04.2005 - 23.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 17.04.2005 - 23.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
SSP QDP; No qualifying days 17.04.2005 - 23.04.2005. QDP defaulted to Wednesday
Employee has no IT0007 record or a IT0007 record with no working days. SAP is trying to calculate a daily rate for SSP but employee is not scheduled to work on the days where an absence is recorded.
Wage types /011, /012 and /013 will be issued for the same reason but Maternity, Paternity and Adoption absences.
Calculate first non-primary contract nnnnnnnn for primary contract nnnnnnnn
You will see an error message in the payroll log along the lines of “calculate first non-primary contract nnnnnnnn for primary contract nnnnnnnn”. In essence you have tried to process the primary employment first – without having any results for one of the secondary employments. All non-primary contracts need processing before the linked primary contract.
Multiple employment employee without a primary employment ( –
The employee number missing from field P0121-RFPN4. This can occur where a primary contract record is removed/deleted or changed after the payroll has initially calculated results for the employee. When the primary employment is deleted, SAP has removed all reference to the employee number including the entry from field RFPN4. A new primary employment needs to be assigned.
Change the control record back to a previous period, delete the earliest dates in IT0003 and then set the control record back and reprocess the payroll.
Multiple Employment employee with an inactive primary employment ( -
• An employment that has left is assigned as the primary;
• Or, this employment number is maintained in IT0121 after their leaving date. Ensure that when an employment leaves, IT0121 is delimited for this employment and the newly created IT0121 does not contain this number. All linked employments are rejected from Payroll in this scenario;
• Or, IT0121 record is valid from a start date after the primary employment left
Where all contracts are terminated, ensure that one terminated primary contract remains with an end date of 31.12.9999 in IT0121. Any date less than 31.12.9999 will cause an error in payroll.
Payroll constant ELGWK not found on 00.00.0000 in T511K (country grouping 08)
Inconsistency between IT0088 on Multiple employment contracts
No multiple employment NI calculation if late leaver and late starter
If an employee holds more than one contract NI calculation is restricted to cases in which the individual contracts will be not a late starter and a late leaver at the same time. If this occurs (as in the present case) master data has to be adjusted to prevent the occurence of a late starter and late leaver at the same time.
Check IT0001 to ensure the start and end dates do not correspond to late starter and late leaver period.
ME transfer error: Total Gross mismatch (Cost NI Payment 7748)
Run program RPUDECG0PBS_FILL_COSTS_ME via transaction SE38, This will fill the cost tables and solve the XDEC error.
According to control record for PArea TA, payroll is not completed
Payroll period for which you are trying to post has not been exited. Period needs to be exited through PA03.
/565 Carry-over for subs.month
IT0009 bank details are missing – update bank details and re-run




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