Sunday, 7 April 2013

Statutory Compliance ( Gratuity , PF , ESI ,LWF , PTax ) Tables in SAP HR

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Please find the tables for Statutory compliance in SAP HR .

Gratuity :
V_T7ING3 - Maintain Gratuity Trust ID
V_T7ING5 - Maintain Gratuity Contrib. Freq. and Related Wage Types
V_T7ING1-  Define Contribution Rates for Gratuity
VV_511K_B_GRTYR_AL0     -   Maintain the Eligibility Years for Gratuity
V_T7INF1 - Define Trust Details for Provident Fund
V_T7INF5, - Assign Company Rates for Provident Fund
V_T7INF7-Define PF Trust Validity Period
40EPF Feature, in this Employer PF No , Pension No  (1/ER REF NO.  /ER PENSION REF. NO)
V_T7INF3- Define Contribution type for Statutory rates for Provident Fund
VV_511P_B_ESILT_AL0 - Maintain ESI Basis Limit
VV_511P_B_ESIMN_470- -Maintain Average Wage Per Day Limit
VV_511K_B_DYSMN_470-Maintain Number of Working Days in a Month
V_T7INE1, - Define Personnel Area and Subarea Groupings for ESI
V_7IN0P_ESI -Assign ESI Groupings for Personnel Area and Subarea
V_T7INE3-Maintain Contribution Rates for ESI

V_T7INU1 - Assign State for Universal Contribution Grouping
V_T7INU3 -Assign Slab Code and Other Parameters for Each State of a Univ. Type
V_T7INU5-Assign Contribution Value for Each Slab
V_7IN0P_ALL- Assign Universal Contribution Groupings for Universal Contribution Types( For ESI, Ptax, Tax, LWF  )
V_T7INP1 - Define Professional Tax Grouping Details
V_7IN0P_PTX - Assign PTax Groupings for Personnel Areas and Subareas
  V_T7INP4-Assign Amounts for Professional Tax Deduction
V_T7INP3- Maintain Method and Form Layout for PTax Groupings


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